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Mt. Indefatigable

Rating: 5 of 5
Difficulty: Hard
Length : ~8Km return
Elevation gain: ~950m

Mt. Indefatigable  Panoramic Alberta

The trail begins at the North Parking lot for Upper Kananaskis Lake. You simply need to walk across the dam and very shortly after when you hit the trees take the trail to the right. Please note there is no longer any sign at this point as this trail is no longer official. Apparently this was done because bears normally frequent the area. In past years this trail had many bear closures on it. The trail itself is still in great shape however and current "unofficial" status doesn't seem to detour many hikers. Just take precaution anyway. The old official trail heads up to a lookout location. After that the trail will split, one way heading to a lower peak in the north and the other heading up to the summit. The trail remains easy to follow to the peak where you get to see the orange radio tower as you walk along the ridge. I was up here in late July and there was a little bit of snow around but the trail was still easy enough to follow. The view from up top is what makes this hike. On the day I visited it was clear with blue skies offering an uninterrupted panoramic view of the region. Not to mention there was no wind at the top and it was warm allowing me to bask in the views as long as I wanted. Such luxury is not had too often on top of these mountains.

Mount Indefatigable from trailhead

Lower Kananaskis Lakes

Radio on Mt Indefatigable
View from the top of Mt Indefatigable
Chipmunk on Indefatigable
Mt Indefatigable Trail











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